Pricing and Sizes

These delicious cookies are perfect for every occasion:





Parties: Birthday, Anniversary

Graduation, Office/work events

Five choices available:                  

                               Quantity                Prices             
Mini pack (sold at shows only)     3                               $4.00                 

Snack/favor bag                         5                               $6.00

Variety bag                                6 (2 each)                  $7.50                    
Small gift tray (two or more)       10                              $11.00
Large gift tray                          20                              $19.00
Occasion tray *                         50                             $43.00
Sales tax is included in pricing.

The occasion tray is a special order only.  Please allow a week or more lead time.  It is not available for purchase at events. 

Cash, Debit/Credit Cards and Checks (on a limited basis) as payment.

To order, please call Denise:  (609) 980-9042

~~A portion of each sale is donated to a local food bank to help stamp out hunger.

Storage directions:

Didn't eat all of your cookies yet?  They can be stored for up to a week in an airtight plastic container.  They can also be frozen weeks and enjoyed at a later time.  Store your cookies in an airtight plastic container or freezer bag.  When defrosting, lay the cookies out in a single layer on wax paper or paper towels until room temperature.

While each cookie is "home-made", they are made in an approved commercial kitchen certified by the Gloucester County Health Department.